Textile Designing using Photoshop Course Content

Textile Designing is concerned with understanding and creating one of the most intimate and yet public aspects of the material world. As technological and cultural creations, textiles are fundamental to the way we clothe, shelter and represent ourselves.

Adobe Photoshop is a premiere image manipulation tool. This course begins from starting the Photoshop Program and acquainting yourself with the Photoshop environment. You'll learn to select parts of an image that you want to manipulate, change the size and color. You will also create quick, simple colorful & textural backgrounds with Filters & Channels & Patterns. You will see how one photograph becomes the starting point for creating a whole range of new styles and designs!

Textile Designing CAD Course Content

Phase I
Phase II
Phase III
Phase IV
Phase V
Phase VI

Phase I

  1. Introduction To Photoshop
  2. Selection Tool
  3. Shortcut to Selection Tool
  4. Quick Selection Tool
  5. Magnetic Lasso Tools
  6. Magic Wand Tools
  7. Lasso Tools

Phase II

  1. Learn to Redesign Print Texture
  2. Learn to Create Texture Frame
  3. Learn to Replace Water Color Texture
  4. Make Composition of Texture for Print

Phase III

  1. Texture Making
  2. Shape based Texture

Phase IV

  1. Feather based Texture for Fabric & Textile

Phase V

  1. Collage Texture
  2. How to Make Texture (Leaf Texture)

Phase VI

  1. Typography textile design
  2. In Depth seamless pattern
  3. Painting pattern
  4. Hand drawn patterns
  5. 70 tools in photoshop
  6. Geometry technical patterns
  7. Specialization in colour patterns
  8. Camouflage designs
  9. Contour Map effect pattern
  10. Retro triangle pattern
  11. Detailed Graphic pattern
  12. Circular patterns with blend tool
  13. Reaction diffusion pattern
  14. Mandala pattern
  15. Vintage effect patterns
  16. Embroidered patch pattern